Zarek Rahman

Solicitor specialised in technology contract law.

I draft interesting technology contracts, including (but not limited to):

  • a software development agreement combining agile working with automated remuneration for the developer using solidity and the EVM,
  • an api access agreement for a startup providing a machine learning algorithm as a service,
  • terms of service for a consultancy using its own automated penetration testing tool for security audits,
  • a know-how and technical asssitance agreement for a high tech consultancy working with an incumbent corporate client,
  • a bespoke LLP agreement for the founders of a professional consultancy working on ambitious technical projects,
  • a framework agreement for a biotech company collecting and processing sensitive medical data,
  • terms of service for a developer using domain driven design and test driven development with payment contingent on passing pre-agreed test suites,
  • a reverse outsourcing agreement for a highly specilised foreign tech company establishing itself in the UK,
  • intellectual property agreements between a medical education company, its users and contributors,
  • influencer agreements on behalf of an influencer management consultancy, and
  • contracts for the sale and purchase of (or investment into) technology companies.
  • If you need a bespoke technology contract, please email me.